I study the skies daily, in search of different shaped clouds. They speak to me in a serene language. These clouds bring a peace and tranquility like no other.


Gun Violence

I am a mother of a black male and grandmother to three males. I fear for the future of my grandsons. The world in which we live is so very different from the world in which I was reared. Gun violence is prevelant all around us and it has become more important than life itself. The city where I live has become a gun battle field, lately. Our youth carry military style weapons, sell drugs, kill, steal and have no respect for fellow man. It has become so terribly out of control that there are daily, sometimes multiple shootings often with fatalities as the end result. The majority of these crimes are unsolved. Some elders in the community blame poverty, drugs, greed and single parent homes for the gun violence. No one has come up with a solution to counter this outrageously terrible plague. Our young men are definetly lost. This is a milllineal trend that has spread across the U.S.

The Modern Woman

I can cook, clean, take care of the kids and generate income. I am a profound presence. My thoughts, experience, intelligence are expressed. Although, I have been and still am overlooked in society. There is a true social injustice that I as a Modern Woman truly feel.